Unforgettable House Party Experience

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It wasn’t really a FriYAY for us. Unwinding was the need of the hour but not the priority. Things were getting stressed at work with monthly targets to be completed and our new boss had high expectations from each one of us. Somehow luck shone upon us and we got our before time and decided to chill at my place.
So we started planning a house party and a friend suggested the #SimplyWellMade Golfer’s Shot. At first we were like, “Why do we need a change?” But later decided to why not give it a try! Our lives were mundane anyway. Let’s change one variable in the robotic math that our life has become, we thought.

We immediately opened the bottle and we were pretty pleased at the smoky aroma wafting across the room. Quite intrigued and excited, we poured large pegs for all and as soon as we took our first sip, we felt calm and elated. At a steal price, our first sip, the very first experience spoke volumes. Suddenly stress took a hike and we clinked our glasses for the successful house party. We played some music and danced on slow numbers.  Everyone was in the mood for celebration. The blend simply pleases your taste buds with flavours of dark chocolate and flowery notes and just the adequate hint of smoke. The music kept playing and the drinks kept flowing. It was no less than a festival in its own way with close friends.

As the celebration continues, I realized we might have a new favorite for our house parties. The references to the sophisticated luxury game of golf are eminent – from the bottle shape to the whole elegant drinking experience.

As the night progressed, the whisky blended in beautifully with our conversations. Our rantings, venting, letting ourselves loose and cursing our new hectic project was a rather mental decompression we were craving for. We were then taken back to the college days when we use to have whisky on every weekend and were rather disappointed to not stumble upon this brand back then.

It was a magical night thanks to the fun and laughter, and mainly the whisky. Our venues, food, and the topics of conversations might shift, but Alcobrew (Golfer’s Shot) is going to be remain the same for all our beautiful times to come. The supreme liquor quality has indeed created a fan following of loyalists beyond borders. And that night we all decided our party was so much fun because of the simply well made Golfer’s Shot.