Terra Adventure – An adventurous healthy ride dipped in veggies flavour

Terra Adventure, as the name suggest is a lip smacking adventurous ride filled with healthy vegetables which will work as a great deal for the evening snacks for your kids and guests. Terra Adventure chips are not only dipped in an eye catching colours but are coated with delicious flavours.
Terra real vegetable chips come in 2 packages:
>>> Exotic vegetable chips
>>> Sweet potato chips

Terra claims “Terra real vegetable chips are made from real whole vegetables. We source a diverse range of root vegetables to create each delicious TERRA® blend.”


The healthy veggies includes Batata, Beet, Blue potato, parsnip, Ruby dipped vegetables, Sweet patato, Taro & Yuca. The packaging is clean & royal, so as the product & its ingredients. The colours are vibrant & it offers a crunchy unique experience in every terra bite.


Terra chips can be served as an appetizer or meal, the recopies are quite interesting & simple to use. Artichoke, White Bean and Roasted Garlic Salsa, Mediterranean Bruschetta, Mango Salsa, Grilled vegetable towers, Terra Crusted salmon to name the few.
Terra adventure packs are available for grabs worldwide on Amazon, Big Basket, nature’s basket or foodhall. One can also connect on social media and leave a feedback at official facebook page or official instagram account.
Apart from the product, Terra has also partnered with seed savers exchange to celebrate vegetable diversity.


Official Website: http://www.terrachipsindia.com/
Recipes: http://www.terrachipsindia.com/recipes
Contact: http://www.terrachipsindia.com/contact-us
Buy Online: Amazon store