Nokia 6.1 review

Nokia 6.1

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After a short pause from the market, HMD international last year bought its Nokia devices into the reckoning with the launch of a slew of smartphones. whereas most did receive a positive response, it absolutely was the Nokia 6 that was thought of the best-performing smartphone. once Nokia launched its successor, Nokia 6.1 some of months back, there was guaranteed to arouse  curiosity as to whether it will be able to live up to its predecessor’s request. The budget smartphone is very classy and Nokia wants to be a winner to create a mark in the tech industry.  Nokia 6.1 retains the core of Nokia 6 in style it gets chamfered edges and a copper coating round the corners, camera and in addition to that a fingerprint scanner as well.



The Nokia 6.1 takes tons of its style from its predecessor. It’s an all-metal well engineered smartphone nevertheless the general footprint of the smartphone is shorter compared to the first Nokia 6.
The phone is comfy to carry and may be used with one hand. The front of the smartphone is dominated by a 5-inch 16:9 full HD display, there’s an 8MP front camera is what nokia surprised us with.

The back of the phone features a 16MP camera with Zeiss badging and a twin tone diode flash. Below the camera, there’s a fingerprint scanner in  the latest Nokia 6.1.

The left aspect of the phone features a hybrid SIM slot, the proper aspect has the buttons and therefore the power button is also placed at the convenient place. There’s a.5mm phone jack and a Type-C USB port, Speakers and mike at the device bottom. Overall, the Nokia 6.1 style doesn’t very come out however one can’t have too several complaints with it either.


Nokia did a fairly sensible job by launching its 6.1 smartphone in india. The display is bright enough to be seen in an exceedingly bright daylight and therefore the colors and saturation of the of the phone don’t face any complaints


Last year’s Nokia 6 with 430 SoC felt a little underpowered and its a great news that Nokia chooses to equip a far capable 630 SoC with a clock speed 2.2, to boost the performance over its predecessor. The UI felt snappy and there was no lag or interference within the overall performance, the apps opened quickly and multitasking was quick because of the 4GB of RAM that powers the smartphone.

As we tend to all recognize, it is not a flagship phone the games took a touch longer to open and for significant  games like PUBG, we tend to had to tone down the graphics to create the games playable. Still, we tend to think Nokia 6.1 as a robust entertainer.  The performance quality of the phone is admittedly sensible and that we failed to notice any issue with the phone’s performance delivery, the callers sound was sufficiently loud, clear and crisp.


The Nokia 6.1 carries a 16MP primary camera & 8MP front camera. Nokia has packed a bunch of fascinating feature within the camera like bothie, manual mode, HDR, 4K video, bokeh etc from the front camera and panorama mode. The UI of the camera is straightforward and very easy to use. Clicking the image from the camera app is kind of speedy and there’s no shutter lag while taking photos.

However, there’s a totally completely different story once it involves the image quality. The rear camera takes amazingly sensible pictures in well-lit conditions and HDR options also did a good job in managing the shadows while not creating it look unnatural. Despite being f/2.0 aperture the camera struggles tons in capturing sensible details and colors leading to softer photos, even once cranking up the complete ISO the camera failed to perform well and therefore the pictures were hardly usable.
While taking selfies we observed that it did a fairly amazing job. However, the sharpness and details were sensible. In low light condition, the camera once more tends to supply sub-par image quality with grains within the image. The video quality of the phone is kind of sensible and it will shoot 4K video at 30fps, a giant jump within the resolution from the last years 1080p recording.


The smartphone is backed by a 3000mAh battery that did its job moderately well. If the phone lasts for a full day in moderate to significant usages then it’s safe to reason the battery performance as acceptable. The phone conjointly supports quick charging and ships with a quick charger out of the box that permits you charge the device from zero to 100 percent in ninety minutes.


Overall, Nokia 6.1 offers vital enhancements over its predecessor in terms of performance, improved camera capabilities, quick charging support and humanoid One makes the items even higher with it secure software system updates.
However, HMD international might need incomprehensible a trick or two for the Nokia 6.1 as there are couple of things that ought to have created for this phone to pitch even higher. Nokia 6.1 may be a definite upgrade however simply on Nokia 6 as when put next to competition it definitely stands out.