Irfan Khan Starrer Madaari Hit Politics And System Flaws l Madaari Full Movie Review

  • madaari-full-movie-review-irfan-khan
  • madaari-full-movie-review-irfan-khan

The award winning actor Irfan Khan recently seen in films such as The lunchbox, Qissa, Piku, Talvar is back with another impactful social-thriller film ‘Madaari’ which revolves around the corrupt system’s affecting life of millions of people.

Madaari started off well, with a kidnapping of Home Ministers Son ‘Rohan’(Played by Vishesh Bansal) just after a much ignored news of a fallen bridge resulting in loss of lives, No one knows How, when & why? The kidnapping case was handed over to Nachiket Verma (played by Jimmy Shergill), all the forces were active to find out hidden answers, but there is hardly any clue left behind. All they could guess is it’s a case of mistaken identity and kidnapper didn’t intended to kidnap Home Ministers son. The search procedure is in a mess, till the time Nirmal Kumar (Played by Irfan Khan) contacted Nachiket Verma and put a strange demand of finding his own son in return of Rohan’s release. The task for the forces is increased and challenge is doubled, as no one knows who the kidnapper is and where is his son? Meanwhile there is a connection seen between Nirmal & Rohan, as Irfan’s character outlines one of the mildest kidnapper seen in any of the bollywood flick yet has a powerful mission & desire to prove his point.

As the story unfolds, one realises it’s a journey of a concerned father on a mission to bring in the unseen truth, rather than a man tagged as a criminal or a kidnapper. Irfan Khan is terrific as Nirmal, whereas Jimmy Shergill’s character is also tactfully played.

Madaari is a hard hitting & relevant film, which depicts the system flaws and its effect on people life. It clearly shows how corruption and politics can ruin common people life and leaves a long lasting impact; after all it’s a vicious circle. A common man is left with no choice other than kidnapping a child for raising his voice in front of people.

Well, we are not here to spoil the suspense, find out yourself the answers of all the questions. One can’t miss to watch this heart warming & impactful emotional ride, Go to your nearest cinema to witness Irfan Khan’s journey from a father to kidnapper.



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Movie: Madaari
Starring: Irfan Khan, Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Shergill, Tushar Dalvi, Nitesh Pandey, Sadhil Kapoor
Director: Nishikant Kamat
Genre: Social-thriller Film
Release Date: 22th July, 2016


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