Influencer Anastasia aska Stasiavuu announces release of music single

Growing up, Anastasia, a.k.a. Stasiavuu, was drawn to music and performance. She worked through her childhood, first in play and then in training to develop her voice,
movement and stage presence, not knowing that eventually she would also develop her ability to communicate her thoughts through lyrics in an impactful
way that was appreciated by fans of all ages and from all walks of life.

After the release of her single, “Up In Smoke,” Anastasia detoured from music and began touring the world with her team.

Anastasia began performing at the age of four for anyone that would watch!

With the encouragement of family and friends, she latched on to the dream of fame and got to work on accomplishing her destiny.
Using instructional books and videos and every class that she could attend in highschool and college, she had been a sponge for information, technique, mainstream trends.
Since her release of her single Up In smoke, Anastasia has not stopped. She gained paid partnerships with several brands. Anastasia has started touring the world filming with her team.
Anastasia misses her music and so she decided to release her 3rd an best single yet this summmer. Look for it.

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