Divya Agarwal feels lonely; expresses emotions in front of the camera in Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The six-week journey will soon come to an end. The show has completed it’s fourth week and the contestants have geared up to make the most of the time left in the show. Last week Milind Gaba and Akshara Singh got eliminated.

Since a few weeks Divya Agarwal has been not on good terms with many contestants. Her close friends Milind and Akshara left and she has been feeling lonely ever since. While the actress has been putting a strong front, today she got a little emotional. While Divya sat alone in the garden area, other contestants enjoyed their morning tea with a lot banter. 

Divya who’s quite a chirpy girl, felt the pangs of loneliness and she expressed her feelings in front of the camera. She quipped that no one is wanting to speak to her and she is feeling weak about the same. She said that she couldn’t make a good friend in the house who would keep her as a priority. She stated that she has a friendship with Nishant but his priorities are Moose and Pratik. She mentioned that she was friends with Shamita but she didn’t accept her the way she is while she did accept Neha wholeheartedly and didn’t try to change her. Further, she pointed out that she made efforts to be friends with Neha but she didn’t like her.