Chalk N Duster Review, Impressive tale of clashes

Chalk N Duster started off well and each character’s contribution & will power to make it successful cannot be denied. This story teaches us to be respectful towards the god driven truth and not to follow the covered & unhealthy practices prevailing in the society. Chalk N Duster specifically depicts a story revolving around commercialization of Education System & leaving behind the worth of providing knowledge through the means of an established institution.
Excellent job done by Shabana Azmi, Juhi Chawla & Divya Dutta. Shabana Azmi (Vidya) & Juhi Chawla (Jyoti), playing roles of mathematics & Science teachers respectively for Kantaben school. Who goes into trouble as soon as Divya Dutta (Kamini) became the new Principal of Kantaben school as she comes up with rigid decisions to make the school more desirable for Rich & famous parents around.
The first half of the film did really well in setting up the plot and then the rift between the Principal & teachers started appearing. Which goes a step further as soon as Divya Dutta (Kamini) terminated the teachers (First Shabana Azmi (Vidya) & then Juhi Chawla (Jyoti)) on the grounds of ‘Incapable & Irresponsible’ Teachers, which is far apart from the reality. This school level issue spreaded like a virus when media highlighted the facts, where Richha Chaddha is seen playing the character of a news reporter. Rishi Kapoor is also seen playing a game show host to settle down the fight between the Principal & Teachers.


The war is ON, Will the teachers have enough strength to face the Principal or will they be able to prove themselves right? Find out in this interesting tale in Chalk N Duster. Here’s the Trailer!
Must watch this content driven film for betterment of society as a whole & learn to speak up for what you feel is ‘RIGHT’, NO MATTER WHAT.



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Movie: Chalk N Duster
Starring: Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, & Divya Dutta;
Director: Jayant Gilatar
Genre: Drama


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