Bigg Boss OTT Ticket to Finale Task Hua Radhh. Divya Agarwal faces Discrimination

Ticket to finale task was conducted by biggboss in the second last week of the show. Divya Aggarwal was leading in the task but a shocking truth came in to force – That Ticket to Finale Task was cancelled by biggboss. According to sources, The show is scripted and Since the biggboss favorites didn’t win the task and things did not go according to makers, Task is cancelled.

In every weekend ka vaar, we have seen Karan Johar supporting Shamita Shetty and rarely interacting with other contestants. One of the contestant has been evicted recently after firing well scripted questions by the bigg boss team itself. Will the show survive for long? Audience has questioned the genuiness. Lets see whats in store and whether the audience favorites contestant will win or the scripted one. Till then Stay connected.