BIGG BOSS OTT: Raqesh Shamita TIFF is talk of the town

Lets talk about Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat’s connection in the Bigg Boss OTT house. It was on the premiere night of that Shamita Shetty chose Raqesh Bapat as her only connection to team up with. Since then a lot of people have started posting about #Shara on Twitter. Shamita and Raqesh have been sharing a very close bond. Since the concept of the show is to stay in one house, Shamita and Raqesh seen spending all the time together. Hugs and kisses were exchanged. There were huge fights coming in the last two weeks. In the recent episode of Bigg Boss OTT, we saw Shamita yelling at Raqesh for using Divya Agarwal’s lip balm.

What happened was Raqesh and Shamita were talking to Prateek Sahajpal and Neha Bhasin in the living area. And Prateek noticed a lipstick. He asked who are we thinking that it is Shamita’s. However, Raqesh revealed that it is of to Divya. Divya clarified that since she was in the room and was looking for lip balm and had a spare, she gave it to him. At first, Shamita seemed to be hiding her feelings. Later when Divya left the room, shamita fought with Rakesh.

This is not the first time that Shamita was furious with Raqesh for interacting with Divya. When Zeeshan Khan was evicted last week, Divya was stunned and Raqesh listened to her and consoled her. Shamita also looked upset due to this. Shamita told rakqesh to stay away from Divya. Also, during the late night conversation of the contestant, Moose Jattana teases Raqesh for taking permission to answer the questions.

Another fight took place recently, when Shamita is trying to dominate Raqesh. He clearly said he do not want to get controlled by anyone. Raqesh also locked himself in to the store room and is not visible to anyone for quite a long time during the day. What do you think about shamita and Raqesh connection, do tell us in the comments below.