Bani / Lopa / Mannu / Manveer or Rohan, Who Will Win Bigg Boss 10, Past Contestants VJ Andy, Kamya Punjabi, Sambhavna Seth & Priya Malik Share Their Thoughts

As bigg boss 10 is close to its finale, everyone has a single question in mind that who will win season 10 ?

Bani, Lopa, Mannu, Manveer and Rohan made it to Top 5 list but who is more deserving to win this season is a mystery for now. Bani has a huge fan following as compared to other contestants which is also questionable as the entertainment factor is missing in the lady and her over dramatic presence has done much harm to the show. Bani J losses calm yet another time when it comes to giving ranks to the existing contestants.


Take a look at what ex-contestants think who can be the winner, as VJ Andy, Kamya Punjabi, Sambhavna Seth & Priya Malik Share Their Thoughts on firstpost.

VJ Andy(Bigg Boss, Season 7): ‘Bani deserves to win, I will vote for her’

In this season, the firecrackers are Manveer, Bani and Manu, but the loudest dhamaka is Lopamudra…she will scream and scream and wants to tell everyone what she thinks, she just doesn’t stop talking. Lopa also has the biggest ego and always has to be right. She has changed, but Bani has not. Bani is disciplined and attacks only when she is attacked and that is the difference between Bani and Lopa. Lopa, in the beginning, was like this beauty queen, poised and graceful, strong and independent. But all that looks like a facade now. Her ego is so big that she is never wrong. Bani apologises, but not Lopa — and that is not how beauty pageant holders are who represent the country? They have to have inner beauty as they consider ‘beauty with a purpose’ when they win these titles. A beauty queen can’t go around shouting, ‘Kaat daloongi, teri auqat kya hai…’ Is that beautiful? By showing this side of her, she might lose out. Had she been calm and without any ego, I feel Lopa would have had a better chance to win.

Rohan had such a great start…I would say, ‘Well done boy’. He had the courage to stand up for himself but since he became Lopa’s right hand, he stopped being himself. Lopa can’t be telling him who he should be friends with, when he gets friendly with Bani. Rohan, at times, gets irritated and feels oppressed by Lopa and hence lost the plot somewhere. Also, it wasn’t fair to Rohan when he got nominated for the entire season for pushing Swami Om. That made him an underdog. But at the moment, he is not a strong contender.

Manu and Manveer are great friends but now they are in the competition phase and they should think as individuals. Manu can be mean and manipulative and that is not just to win but that is his personality. He’d gone out of the house and he returned with plans and strategies. He became a tyagi, the sacrificing kind, probably thinking that this will look good from the outside. He started pretending to be a nice person, whereas Manveer remained himself. Earlier, Manveer was like Manu’s puppet and he did come under the influence of Manu’s calculating nature and gossip, because they were thick friends. Later, Manu felt threatened by Nitibha when she got close to Manveer while he (Manu) was away. Manu wanted complete control over Manveer and if he can’t have that, he has a problem. He could never control Bani or Lopa.

So Bani deserves to win, she is true to herself and not pretending to be anyone else. Manveer is another big contender — he is genuine and entertaining as well. Even when Swami Om played all sorts of games, Manveer gave him the benefit of doubt. Lot of people love Manveer, but I will be voting for Bani.

Kamya Punjabi (Bigg Boss, Season 7): ‘Manu’s less deserving as he took a break’

I’ll be surprised if they make Bani the winner; she is so abusive and full of attitude. I will be happy if Manveer or Lopa win. People think that I am a Bani-hater but that girl has absolutely no emotions and it’s said that she has a huge fan following…fans can be bought, isn’t it? A few weeks ago, when Salman was telling them about the passing away of his friend and TV producer, Abis Rizvi, and his Tubelight co-star, Om Puri, Bani was only thinking about her captaincy and immunity. Where has humanity gone? Then, how could she demand to talk to her best friend Gauahar Khan when Swami Om created a ruckus in the house and she was upset? There were lot of hopes riding on Gaurav Chopra, he was winning material and had a good chance to be within the top-five, but he lost out due to his friendship with Bani. She dominated him. He should have realised that he wasn’t in the house to build relationships. Like Bani, Rohan too did lot of tamasha when he was nominated for the entire season after he had pushed Swami Om. Bani wanted to meet her friend and Rohan, who had locked himself in the bathroom, wanted to talk to his lawyer. What were these two thinking, were they on some comedy show? Lot of people get upset on the show, they were not the only ones.

Both, Manveer and Lopa have been playing well, they have done all the tasks very well. The contestants made the highest bid on Lopa to win back the lost prize money and not even for a second did they feel it was a mistake, whereas Bani was worried only about her immunity. Lopa is so young, but strong and mature. She is upfront and has a strong point of view over every matter. Manu is good, but once a contestant goes out of the house and then comes back, he becomes less deserving for the simple reason that they then get to review the show from outside. They get to know how they look from the outside, they meet people, discuss strategies, and then come back and play accordingly — which is not fair to those who have been in the house from start to finish.

Sambhavna Seth (Bigg Boss, Season 8): ‘Lopamudra’s comments on Bani were in poor taste’

My two favourites are Manveer and Bani. I like Manveer’s sense of humour and that Jat quality in him. I have worked with Bani, she is tomboyish and fitness freak which is very inspiring. It’s perfectly okay if Bani hasn’t won tasks because Bigg Boss is not about tasks. Tasks were started to take the show forward, so that we don’t get bored and have some activity inside. Gradually tasks started filling the content space and hence became important. But winner is someone who people like and vote for and has got nothing to do with tasks. I liked the season except for Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga’s antics which was too much for the viewers to bear.
Together, Manu and Manveer were quite entertaining but after a short break when Manu returned to the house, he had turned negative and had started bitching behind people’s back. We got to see the other side of Manu. There is nothing great to speak about Lopa. Her comments about Bani that she has done Botox and lip job during the ‘Call Centre’ task was not in good taste, you cannot stoop to that level. I like Bani’s positive attitude. Some people call her self- centred, but then who isn’t? Despite so many ups and downs, Rohan remained mature and dignified. Many feel that the commoner should win the game, but I don’t see any reason for that. Both, Manveer and Bani are deserving. I have my own show and in the feedback form maximum people comment on Bani and Manveer, and then there’s Lopa’s PR trying to influence me.

Priya Malik (Big Brother Australia, 2014; Bigg Boss, Season 9): ‘Manveer realised that there can only be one lion king in a jungle’

I liked the idea and the concept of ‘Commoners’ versus ‘Celebrities’ this season. I think there were issues in execution due to some wrong choices but it has eventually turned out well. The Indiawale made the show more relatable to the audience. It also gives other non-celebrities the encouragement that they can be part of the show. I personally prefer Lopa, or even Manveer. Lopa, because she has stayed true to herself and has always stood up for what’s right and against what’s wrong in the house. That’s an important quality in a good human being and hence Lopa should win over Bani because she comes across as a better human being. My choice of a winner is not based on whether or not the person is a celebrity. I believe that may the best person win. Manu was much stronger earlier, whereas Manveer was like his sidekick — but today the latter is in an extremely strong position. Looks like Manveer realised that there can only be one lion king in a jungle! I liked Rohan in the beginning, he too, was a strong contestant initially. I don’t know why he quietened down. I think somewhere down the line, he lost focus.

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